Easy Patriotic Decor And Treats

easy patriotic decorDo you need ideas for easy patriotic decor? When Summer arrives we often decorate our homes and yards with easy patriotic decor to brighten up the table. Decorating with American flags, red, white and blue and stars, is a fun way to show our patriotic spirit. Red, white and blue decor is often associated with a 4th of July picnic. Some decor is easy to make on your own. To help inspire you to grab the craft tools, wood working tools and paints, I gathered together a few awesome blog posts from my friends websites. If you have a good idea for easy patriotic decor, I invite you to share it with us in the comments section! And, because red, white and blue also works in desserts, there are some yummy dessert ideas here too. After all, we don’t survive on paint and hot glue alone!

Enjoy the annual celebration of our country’s independence. Be safe, use fireworks responsibly and talk to your children about how our country was started. No matter what current events show, America is a great nation, founded by strong principles. Let’s celebrate!

Easy Patriotic Decor – Use a Pallet

Pallets and pallet crafts are popping up literally everywhere. I used a pallet in good condition to make this easy patriotic decor replica American flag. It worked up easily with craft paint. The flag has sat out in the weather now for a few years on our farmyard. The weathering only makes it better. Read more about the painting project here.

Easy patriotic decor

The American Flag Pallet has been used many times for photo shoots as a backdrop.

Easy Patriotic Decor

Wreaths are Easy Patriotic Decor 

A Farm Girl in the Making designed a beautiful patriotic themed wreath. The materials are easy to obtain and you still have time to craft your own before the Fourth of July celebration. In the blog post she shows you how to make a variation of the original too!

easy patriotic decor

Patriotic 5 Minute T-Shirt! from Schniederpeeps  

This easy patriotic decor T-shirt idea can be pulled together the night before the big parade or picnic! All you need are a few household items and the t-shirt and paint. Easy! 

easy patriotic decor

Follow the easy instructions on Schneiderpeeps blog and have this shirt ready in a jiffy!

Patriotic Decor from a Box of Scraps!

Lovely flag motif from a box of scraps? A Farm Girl in the Making show you how in this tutorial.

easy patriotic decor

This beautiful flag wall hanging was also made by A Farmgirl in the Making. Following the tutorial on her blog will have you hanging a similar decoration in very little time. She was inspired after purchasing a box of odds and ends of vintage lace. What will inspire you?


Bring on the Desserts!

After celebrating with parades, games, water fun, and hamburgers, enjoy this dessert from Common Sense Homesteading.  A red, white and blue cake is perfect to take to the neighborhood potluck, or a family get together. The result looks complicated but the directions are easy!

easy patriotic decor


Finger food is fun and The Farmer’s Wife from Grace Garden and Homestead came up with this really clever idea. Take some jumbo strawberries and no bake cheesecake filling. The strawberry cheesecake is actually IN the strawberry! Talk about convenient finger food! Plus, this is a great dessert idea for the younger members of the party and The Farmer’s Wife tells you why in the blog post with the recipe.

easy patriotic decor

Easy Patriotic Decor

photo credit Brittany May – Happy Days Farm

Lastly, I want to thank Happy Days Farm for allowing me to use this very patriotic photo of their rooster, Chachi. Obviously he has the American Spirit!

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easy patriotic decor