What’s Your Threat : Economic Collapse



Worst Case Scenario 

The economy has collapsed. Money is no longer a valid way to obtain supplies. People are becoming desperate as the stores have been emptied of supplies for a few days now. The barter system is in full force, along with trading using hard currency and precious metals. Those people who have no stored food put away are becoming hungry as the supply of food dries up. Clean water is scarce because all of the public services have ceased operating. The country is quickly becoming a picture of those that have supplies and those that need supplies. Civilization is beginning to collapse as anarchy and disorder rise.


The Homestead Response to the Scenario

My first concerns as a homesteader are family,  home and our livestock. Even though our children are grown and no longer dependent on us, our family still works together. When something big needs to be accomplished, we come together and work as a team. In the case of this scenario, I know we would do what we needed to do to survive and protect our farm, since it is our way of surviving. We live in the east coast, mid Atlantic area. This is a heavily populated area where farms are becoming more and more unusual. There are many resources available in the normal day to day life. Feed stores, restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores are available along with large box department and home improvement stores. There are also a lot of people! These stores depend on weekly or daily deliveries of goods, in order to supply all the people with their weekly needs. Just how long would it take to deplete those stores of necessities, in the event that trucks stop delivering and people begin to panic that there won’t be enough to last. 

In my understanding of history, that in the case of economic collapse, chaos frequently takes control. Instead of order, life is in a state of disorder. People who are normally law abiding and moral, become the opposite. Banks would not  be open. Public services would cease to operate. In an area as densely populated as the mid-Atlantic region, any programs that would be providing food and water and shelter to those in need, would quickly become depleted. People would become hungry and desperate. We only need to look at recent history with Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy to show us that the government is not equipped to help us in the event of large scale emergency situations.

How do you plan to survive such a scenario. 

 Certainly our lifestyle would also change. Although we have made reasonable attempts at preparing for this situation,  adjustments would have to be made to conserve resources. Continue reading for some suggestions I have for you to think about. These tactics would be the difference between being a survivor and being a victim. I don’t think we can store or prep enough to survive off the preps for the rest of our lives. However, having some things prepared and set aside for emergencies, would give you time to assess the situation and begin to take steps to prepare for long term survival, off grid.

Here are some preps to have in place to keep your homestead going. 

Food Storage–  Including canning, buying some extra food,  dehydrating some food so we are not dependent totally on electricity to preserve. Maybe you believe that order would be restored fairly quickly. Having a couple of weeks worth of food might be enough for you to feel secure. At least it would give you some time to put Plan B in place. 

Water–  No one survives with out this vital nutrient. Begin to think of a water storage plan. Store both potable drinking water and water that can be used for washing, watering gardens and possible watering livestock. 

Have something to trade – Cash, possibly,  might still have some value or future value. One thing you will not be able to depend on is the debit and credit cards. When at all an option, convert some cash into precious metals for trading purposes. Other items that will be sought after are alcohol and cigarettes, firearms and bullets.

Feed for Your Animals –  This is very important. I know so many people who keep only the amount of feed they are currently using and have no back stock. These people feel that because we are surrounded by stores, feed can be obtained almost any day. But what if that is no longer a possibility? I advise keeping at least one extra bag of your livestock feeds. This way you would  have some time to wean your livestock off of feed and onto forage or pasture. Animals will most likely, adapt to a change in diet, but not if it is abrupt. Having a backup bag of feed will give you an opportunity to gradually switch to a more sustainable method of feeding your livestock. Rotate this back up feed so that you always have fresh feed in store. Make this a habit and you will never be caught short on your animal feed needs. 

Stay up to date on bills–  Being current on your family bills will keep you from falling too far behind should your resources dry up. The bills will probably  be there waiting for you when order and some form of currency is restored. If you can, pay ahead, for further security. And, of course, the best scenario of all is to not have bills that need to be paid! Paying down debt adds to your economic security. 

When to Start Preparing.

Obviously, the best time to prepare is before you need the preps. I like to look at the whole preparing topic this way. Every step you make in the direction of being prepared for the worst case scenario, is a positive step. One of my favorite sayings when facing a large task is “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” . I don’t know who first said that but it helps me look at a large project as an attainable goal. Remember you are working towards what makes you feel comfortable. You may not have the same needs as my family. Start with water and a few extra canned goods. Take it one bite at a time. You can prepare for what ever the future may have in store for us. 


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