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Why I Chose to Make Our Own Baby Wash

Baby Wash

Back in May, our daughter, 10 months old at the time, developed what the doctor claimed was heat rash. This rash quickly spread most of the way up her back, then decided to hang around for a bit. It wasn?t getting worse, but it wasn?t getting better either. We had used pampers on her since she was born and never thought anything of it since most of our friends used conventional brands as well. I started looking into the idea that her diapers could be causing this rash. She also had started to get a different rash on her where the diaper fit snuggly on her back. Sure enough, I found more than one source online discussing the chemicals in conventional diapers and how they could cause rashes. So we thought it would be best to try something else. Now, I realize many people cloth diaper and love it and how it can save you a lot of money. My hat?s off to you all. My husband and I agree that?s not for us. We decided to try the Honest Company?s diapers and wipes. We started using them exclusively and within a week all of her rashes were gone! She has not had any ?heat rash? or any other type of rash since!

The Questions and Answers

This revelation made me really start to question what was going in the other products we had on hand for her, as well as for ourselves. Let me just say, a lot of items, commercial baby soaps and baby wash, are no longer being used in this house. I have been trying out a lot of the Honest Company products other than the diapers and wipes as well and for the most part we are happy with them. I have also been making my own cleaning products, some baby wash and personal care products, as well as my own skin care products.
I will say though that despite the Honest Company?s strive for non-toxic and chemical free household products, I have realized that even for a company whose number one goal is such, it?s hard to avoid everything. Many companies that claim to be chemical free and/or non-toxic still have questionable ingredients in them. One example is the use of Phenoxyethanol. This ingredient seems a bit sketchy to me, the FDA even has a warning against it. However, the Honest Company defends their choice to use it stating studies that show its safety in small quantities, and then pointing out that they use below the allowed limit. In my opinion I still don?t like the ingredient, but I think I can tolerate it as long as it?s not in something I?m slathering on my child?s skin or my own.
Even other companies who claim to have organic or natural, safe products can still have questionable ingredients, so I urge you to pay attention to the labels, look up the ingredients if they?re not listed and decide for yourself if it?s the right choice for you and your family. It?s hard to find products that are completely safe and actually effective for cleaning. It?s overwhelming and frustrating when you are not a chemist. If you are looking to decrease your exposure to unnecessary chemicals I?d advise you to take it one step at a time. Pick one category, for example your skin care products, or kitchen cleaning products, and start replacing those with homemade versions or better store bought versions. I?ve come to terms that I will not be able to rid our house entirely of things I?m not completely ok with overnight, or even at all, but I have to start somewhere.


Recipe for Baby Wash

I began by ordering reusable wipes to use on our daughters hands and face after meals. A wet paper towel or washcloth was not removing all of the stickiness left behind by her meals and we didn?t want to use up all the Honest Company wipes for meal time clean up. I surfed Pinterest and the internet and came up with a homemade baby soap formula I was happy with. Since I only use this on her hands and face, I keep mine in a spray bottle in a basket with the cloth wipes and just spray one a few times, with the baby soap, before wiping her off after meals.

Homemade Baby Wash
  good for hands, face and bum!

  • 1 cup of water
  • ? teaspoon Dr. Bronners Baby mild liquid castile soap (note: this is really a preference, some people use up to 2 Tablespoons of the soap per cup of water, I think ? teaspoon is soapy enough)
  • 1 drop tea tree- optional for its antibacterial qualities*

 baby wash 2




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