Unique and Random Egg Facts and Fun

Unique and Random Egg Facts from Timber Creek Farm

Unique and Random Egg Facts from Timber Creek Farm


Unique and Random Egg Facts

I was always amazed by the blown out egg shells people worked on. I just could not see how it could end well. I mean, I can chip the shell on a fresh egg just carrying it out of the chicken coop. How in the world do you poke a small hole in each end with out it resulting in a broken up egg? When I saw this egg from one of our ducks this winter, I just had to save it and get my nerve up to try the technique. And I saved it. For a long long time. So now I can also tell you that duck eggs will stay good, refrigerated, for a couple of months. 

As Easter approached, many people were sharing pictures and directions about how to blow out the egg. Since I know so many chicken owners, who are getting a beautiful assortment of colored eggs every day from their own chickens,  this was frequent. And, who needs to dye eggs when nature does a beautiful job for us? 


So I got my courage together (isn’t it silly the things that put us off sometimes. I mean, I break eggs all the time. It’s not a big deal to clean up an eggy mess.)  and pushed the pin into the first end of my beautiful green egg. 


And it broke. But only a little. It was still holding together by the membrane. Ok. Trying for the second end and it worked out a little better. 


I tried to blow out the insides and ended up giving myself a headache. Hmmm. I thought this was supposed to be easy. I made the holes a little bigger. I tried using a drinking straw to blow through. That did not work at all. So finally  I made some progress and eventually the insides dripped out. I don’t see myself doing a whole basket of these eggs anytime soon. 

When I finally got the egg shell emptied, I rinsed it multiple times and shook the water out each time. 

I let it air dry.

The egg is beautiful. I have never received another dark green egg from the ducks. I guess it was a freak occurrence for her first egg. My guess is that it was from my Buff duck hen. But I guess it could have been from one of the Rouens.

Egg Shell Color

Another fun fact. Did you know that the color of chicken eggs is laid down as the egg travels down the oviduct to be laid? EXCEPT for the Araucanas. In the case of Araucana eggs the color is throughout the entire egg shell, inside and out. In this picture you can see that the Araucana egg is green on the inside too. The brown egg shell is brown on the outside and white on the inside. 

araucana egg shells

And So Good For You!

Although an egg is one of the highest quality foods we can eat, containing valuable protein, vitamins and minerals, eggs do not contain any vitamin C. Eggs contain 13 of the essential vitamins and mineral that the human body needs including vitamin D which is not found in many foods. 

Hard Working Hens

The hen will lay an egg every 24 to 27 hours. To do so she requires about 5 ounces of food and 10 ounces of clean water. After 30 minutes, the hen’s body starts the process all over again. And we complain if we don’t get a day off!

nestbox drama


It’s in the Book!

And my personal favorite. The question of what came first has been answered in the Bible! It was the chicken. 

And God said, ‘Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.'” Genesis 1:10-20.


 **Some of my fun facts were learned from this website, Where Food Comes From.