5 Easy Gift Wrap Ideas

Easy Alternative Ways  to Wrap Your Gifts 

Easy Gift Wrap IdeasHere we are down to the wire on the Christmas preparations. I bet most of us still need easy gift wrap ideas. If you run out of wrapping paper are you really going to want to run out to the store at this point? Have you seen any easy alternative gift wrap ideas? What if the thought of all that wrapping paper, that can’t be composted or burned, piling up in your living room is too much to bear? When wrapping gifts I love to think outside the norm and I like the packaging to add value to the gift. Let me share some of my ideas with you. I am sure you will be able to add your own ideas after you get started with these easy alternative gift wrap ideas.

My List of Gift Wrap Ideas


Wrap books in something related to the subject of the book. For example, use a pretty new dish towel as the “wrapping paper”gift wrap for cookbooks . The cooking section of the newspaper would be a another great idea. Use twine for the ribbon and tie on a couple of napkin rings for added impact. If you have children who want to help, let them cut out food pictures from magazines to glue to the newspaper wrappings. For a sports theme book, use the sports section. A novel could be wrapped in the book review section. You get the idea? Here’s a list of a few more recycled paper ideas for gift wrap.

Sewing and craft themed gifts 

Use a fat quarter of quilting fabric to wrap up a crafty theme gift. To take it up a notch, tie on a seamstress tape measure, or a package of pretty buttons. Maybe you have some older craft magazines around and could sacrifice some pages to use as wrapping paper. Or skip the wrap altogether and use a storage container or cute tote bag to hold the gift. Crafters and makers always need more storage. 

gift wrap ideas

Garden Theme Books and Gifts   

Wrap up the gift in a piece of burlap. Tie on a handmade ornament made from natural items or herbal sprigs. If you use gardening twine to tie it all up, the whole gift can end up in the garden next spring.


Grab a fashion magazine from the recycle bin and add some fashionable clothing pictures to the plain wrapping paper. Decorate an unneeded shoe box to use as a gift box. The box can later be used to store other items.

General Gift Wrapping 

I love to give practical gifts from our homestead and wrap them in my favorite paper. Brown paper that comes on a big roll has many uses and I find myself turning to it all year long. The paper is completely safe for recycling. I buy this one and it lasts a long time. I use it to cover the table for coloring projects with my granddaughters, too.

Easy Gift Wrap Ideas

Wrapping gifts in plain brown paper allows me the freedom to write on the paper, decorate however I want, and customize the gift wrap to suit the gift recipient. I use different types of twill ribbon, satin ribbon, rick rack, vintage lace, twine, and raffia for the ribbon. Add on a tree ornament, or something useful, and a pretty tag.


5 easy gift wrap ideas

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