6 Step Plan for a Clean Chicken Coop


clean chicken coopWhat if I told you that I use a 6 step plan to achieve a clean chicken coop. Would you want to know how I do this messy job in as little time as possible? One of the benefits to having a game plan when you go into clean the coop is that the whole dirty job will take less time. Our hens only lay in the nest boxes inside the coop. They are not very comfortable with me being in the coop while they are trying to relax and concentrate on business! I try to not interfere but it’s a little hard to get in and get out quickly. When I stick to my plan, I can have a clean chicken coop in just a few minutes. The hens can get back to their task, and I can move on to the next task on my list. Occasionally the coop needs a deeper cleaning. The following 6 steps are how I tackle the deeper cleaning when necessary. Depending on the time of year, I base this need on things such as flies, odor, visually seeing chicken droppings, wet spills, and a build up of dirty litter on the floor. 

A Clean Chicken Coop in 6 Steps

Step 1

Remove all loose “furnishings” from the coop. First I scrap all loose manure from any of the furniture in the coop. For me this includes two ladders used as roost set up for the hens. I also remove the dropping board cover from under the roost bar. Place all feed bowls and waterers somewhere outside away from the dust you might stir up. Spread out the tarp or wheel barrow you will use to collect the coop bedding. 

clean chicken coop

Step 2 

Scrap, sweep, shovel and rake all of the bedding material from the coop. 

Step 3

Sweep down the ceiling and the corners, maybe even the walls, removing all the cobwebs. While you have the broom out, turn off the fan and give it a good sweep. Make sure the motor area on the back of the box fans is clean and not blocked by dust. 

clean chicken coop

Step 4

Sprinkle a generous amount of Diatomaceuous Earth (DE Powder). Allow the wet areas to dry. 

clean chicken coop

Step 5 

Later in the day, add new bedding. Push the bedding into the corners, and under the roost bars. 

Step 6 

Add nesting material, herbs and fresh straw. Freshening up the nests will ensure clean beautiful eggs! 

clean chicken coop

Day to Day Cleaning Up

Keeping the coop clean requires very little time and energy on a daily basis. I keep a large dustpan and a garden trowel in the coop. Every morning, I scrap the chicken droppings onto the dustpan. If the dropping board covering is getting messy, I grab a couple empty feed bags and change them out. The chicken droppings are deposited in the compost heap. Chicken droppings should not be used directly on your garden. Instead, let the droppings mix with your other composted materials for about a year. This will “cool down” the nitrogen and be less likely to cause burns on your plants.

clean chicken coop

What tips would you share about keeping a clean chicken coop?

clean chicken coop

clean chicken coop