Funny Chicken Life Moment – Do You Dare to Share?

funny chicken life momentsRaising chickens gives us a chance to live through a funny chicken life moment, or two. Sometimes, when these experiences are fresh in our minds, we hope that no one will ever know the story. Even more, we surely hope that no one was watching. Yes, these birds grab our love and bring us unending entertainment with funny chicken life moments. Sometimes we are involved in the fun, which lends itself to great story telling later. After the bruised skin and bruised egos have healed. 

I received a message from a reader of this blog, not long ago. I read it and laughed out loud at the visual images that the words brought up. That is the key to an engaging piece of story telling. I thanked the writer for the laughs and told her she should submit the story somewhere because it was really engaging. Her answer was generous. She offered me the story to print on my blog page here. And so my friends, I share with you a funny chicken life moment from our fellow chicken owner. In Heidi Weddle’s own words, the story of her chicken rescue. 

funny chicken life moments

Heidi’s twin chickens are shown in the front of the picture

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night 

by Heidi Weddle

A large front has moved into our area and (for us Texans) it is so cold. My arthritis and fibromyalgia is really bad therefore I have chosen to keep all my chickens in coops. I feel bad about it but not really bad ,since they have plenty of room etc. My husband is always a big help during these times yet both of us forgot about the twins.

He left for work at 2am and it must have been no more than five minutes later I herd a mosh up of noises, mind you I am listing them one at a time but they all happened at once; door slamming, something hitting bedroom window, 2 cats jumping straight into air off bed, dog jumped off bed to run around house barking, thunder clap, some kind of chicken noise (this took the longest to process because it sounded like it was right on my bed) some sounds on tv went louder, and last but not not least my crazy cat Buddy knocked everything off the dresser! I sat in utter bewilderment at what had just happened, only to jump up yelling to no one “THE TWINS”!!!!

What ensued next was epic and I am glad that it will forever stay between me and the animals. I grabbed clothing for its warmth not fashion or fit and brushing hair, seriously, NOT! I’m more than sure I looked like an awesome scarecrow , but I was on a rescue mission.

The things we do for these feathered friends!

When opening the back door, I was hit with a cold blast of wind and rain. Arming myself with flashlight and umbrella I pushed on into the night.. Sure ’nuff sitting atop the small girls chicken coop (that YES is right under our bedroom window) was one of the twins. She was soaked to the bone and scared. She made a small fuss when I got her, but as soon as I got her close to my warmth she calmed down. After getting her into the big coop I knew just where to start my search for her sister, the big tree by the run…Ug. She was there, pretty high up the highest she had ever gone. So I first tried using the fishing net to get her…yeah um it’s still tangled up there right now. Failed attempt 1.

Shook the limbs in hopes she would jump…I just got all wet and somehow lost my umbrella. Failed attempt 2. Not wanting to do this since the ground was so wet an slippery and I am not allowed on ladders when no one is around, my mother instinct overrode. The whole time this is going on, the already rescued sister, is hollering. I get ladder and when I get to the sister, while standing on the do not stand on this step and on a tree limb, she jumps right into my arms and snuggles in. The two actually went to each other clucking and cooing. What a pair.

My Own Funny Chicken Life Moment

funny chicken life moment

And all of this reminded me of my own memory of a funny chicken life moment. We had a Silkie cross rooster for a few years. He was all white but had bright red comb and wattles. He was a kind and gently rooster but he had a rough start on our farm. The hens had been doing just fine, thank you, without the presence of a young man. They did not welcome Mr.Tweet with open wings. One day, they picked on him so badly that he was left coated in mud, lying in the fenced run. Poor Mr. Tweet. That was bad enough but what ensued was me, trying to bathe him and restore some of his dignity. While doing so, I managed to lose my own. You can read more about that funny chicken life moment in this post.

A Collection of Funny Chicken Life Moment Tales

And to wrap this up, there are many tales of the fun we have with chickens in the post on Idlewild Alaska. Amanda gathered up so many fun stories from around the internet. Don’t miss Everyone has a Crazy Chicken Story.

funny chicken life moment

Mr. Tweet’s tale is included but don’t miss the hilarious story from ImaginAcres. You know, those neighbors who just don’t understand why we even raise backyard chickens?

I thank Heidi for being brave enough to share her funny chicken life moment. Enjoy the rest of the funny chicken life moment tales. And if you dare, share your own funny chicken life moment in the comments! We all need to laugh together.

funny chicken life moment