Chicken Chile Quick and Easy Dinner

Chicken Chile makes a Hearty Dinner for Winter Evenings 

Chicken Chile

I can’t tell you how often I turn to this recipe for dinner. Not only is it a family favorite but it can be doubled and tripled to make enough for a large crowd. Add some fresh baked bread and a green salad and dinner is ready!

I know it is a super simple recipe and maybe you are wondering why I am bothering to share it at all. Well, at one point in time, I had never heard of this recipe. And now it is one of our staples for dinner. Its packed with good nutrition and is warm and filling. So what if it only has five ingredients! Chicken Chile in the crock pot will become one of the favorite recipes in your household too.

For some variation, serve with homemade tortillas, tortilla chips, or pita chips. We use extra toppings such as black olives, shredded lettuce, hot sauce and chopped tomatoes on our Chicken Chile.

Ingredients for Chicken Chile 

2 lbs of chicken, cooked and cut up into bite size pieces.

2 cans of white beans  (I use great northern beans) You can use any beans you want to use, even red kidney beans. I sometimes use what ever we have on hand

2 cups of salsa

2 Tablespoons of Chile powder

2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese

other toppings of your choice


Directions for Preparing Chicken Chile 

Cook the chicken, or cut chicken from a pre-cooked rotisserie style chicken or use leftover cooked chicken

Grease the inside of the crock pot 

add the chicken , beans and salsa . Add the cheese now or use it as a topping after the chicken chile is done cooking.

Cook on low for 4 to 6 hours so that all the flavors blend together.

Serve warm with your favorite Chile style toppings


Studies have proven and mom’s have known for generations that nothing brings a family closer together than having family dinner together as often as possible. But no one said you have to slave over a hot stove, arriving at the table  absolutely exhausted and maybe a little grumpy! Take it easy now and then and turn to a hearty meal that doesn’t require you to slave the day away in the kitchen!

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