DIY S’Mores Gift Basket is Perfect for Families

s'moresHow can S’mores be the perfect gift idea for the the active family on your gift list? I had this idea a few years back, and have gifted a few of these since. I am sure you have families on your gift list and spend time thinking of just the right thing that they can enjoy as a family. If your friends are like mine, they have plenty of stuff already. Trying to find a gift that the whole family can enjoy is difficult. Different ages like different types of activities. But one activity that almost every age can enjoy is a family campfire. Sometimes the campfire has been taken over by the backyard fire pit, or the indoor fire place. All of these will work as a starting place for the DIY S’mores Gift Basket. 

S’mores Gift Basket Ingredients

While making the S’mores gift basket, keep in mind the recipients dietary limits. Adapt the ingredients for the children’s ages. I shop for the ingredients such as the traditional chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Then I try to think of the unexpected add ins. A bottle of wine for the parents, hot cocoa mix for the younger set, maybe root beer in classic bottles. The creative parts are up to you. Make the gift basket as elaborate or simple as you choose. If you want to take it upscale, maybe add these marshmallow skewers or a pound of gourmet coffee. If you really want to take it to the next level a cuddly lap robe would be appreciated as the family sits around the fire on a chilly evening. 

Now that you have the ingredients pulled together, grab the firewood pieces. I choose pieces of varying size that will fit into a fire pit. Many convenience stores now sell small bundles of firewood if you don’t have a stack in your yard to pick from. Don’t forget a few pieces for kindling tied together with a string. Add some pine cones if you have them in your yard. 


Pulling the S’mores Gift Basket Together

Begin to build the basket by arranging the firewood so the basket is balanced. If you don’t have a basket or don’t want to spend money on the container here are some other items you could use to put the gift in.

Decorate a cardboard box or wrap in seasonal paper

A reusable tote bag

A small wooden crate

Reusable shopping bags

Next, start arranging the other items around the firewood.

Once you are happy with the arrangement, add a large ribbon or bow to the gift.

I am sure the families on your gift list that enjoy the outdoors will appreciate this useful gift that gives them a chance to come together for some valuable special family time. And it won’t add any clutter to their life.