Abnormal Eggs



Do you find funny looking eggs in your chicken coop or duck house  from time to time? Most research I have read says that  an occasional odd egg is nothing to worry about.

Some issues related to strange eggs. 

DSC_4370     DSC_4363 abnorma chicken and duck eggs

Not enough Calcium-

This is easily remedied by adding crushed egg shells,  or a commercial calcium supplement to the Hen’s diet. Many people use a crushed oyster shell supplement which is sold in bags at  most feed stores.

IMG_4713  weird egg shells Timber Creek Farm      IMG_4716  Abnormal chicken eggs  Timber Creek Farm

The wavy egg shells on these eggs was remedied by adding calcium to the chicken coop, free choice and apple cider vinegar to the water.

Stress –

  Do your Hens  have a stress free environment to lay their eggs? Giving your hens a box that is enclosed on at least three sides makes them more at ease. Some people have added curtains to the front of the next box for added privacy . My duck hens also like a dark spot but they prefer a secluded corner.

Age of the Hen- 

an occasional odd egg at the beginning of  the hens laying can be expected. And on the flip side of this, an older hen may also lay a strange looking egg.

Unless you have a hen laying a strange looking egg every day, odd eggs are not a big concern. Using a properly formulated laying ration,  plenty of clean water, and a calcium source fed free choice ( to chickens ), goes a long way to giving your hens a long productive egg laying life. (note-  I don’t feed my ducks a free choice calcium supplement because they rarely have an issue with the duck eggs  and I use a good balanced duck ration.)

DSC_4368  odd eggs  Timber Creek Farm


Egg coloring is applied last as the egg travels down the oviduct. I was surprised one day to find this dark green egg in the duck house. It turned out to be the only time but it sure was a beautiful dark olive green.


IMG_4403  abnormal chicken and duck eggs from Timber Creek Farm


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