Sourdough Apple Bread with Fresh Apples

Sourdough Apple Bread

Sourdough apple bread is versatile and can be made with either fresh apples, frozen or canned. During fall apple harvest it’s great to make this recipe with fresh apples. You can snack on a few slices while making the filling. When winter hits and you want to bake a warm, hearty bread, grab some preserved apples and continue on with the recipe. It’s great either way.

I recently tried a recipe for Apple Pull Apart Bread by my friend Ann at A Farm Girl in the Making. One thing I never seem to do well is stick to a recipe. I always have to put my own spin on it. In the case of the pull apart apple bread, I wanted to try it with a sourdough batter and fresh apples. The result was delicious!

And not only that, somehow my sourdough apple bread version made enough dough for two loaves! I had to increase the amounts for the filling when I realized that there was so much dough. Either way, you should try this idea. If you don’t have a sourdough starter, use Ann’s version. If you are like me and sort of committed to a sourdough life, I’ve got you covered with the sourdough apple bread version.

Start with the Dough

I use an electric stand mixer to make bread dough. Add all of the ingredients except for the flour and mix using the flat beater. (you will switch to the dough hook later)

Add the flour, one cup at a time. Mix well after each addition. After the first two cups of flour are added you might want to switch to the dough hook. Mix the dough until it is a smooth ball. I knead a few times on a floured surface before letting the dough rise.

Transfer to a greased bowl, turning so the top is greased too. Cover for rising. This can take one hour to up to 5 hours. When the dough is doubled, knead it down and prepare a floured surface.

note- my sourdough starter was made from dehydrated sourdough from Alderman Farms. My starter has been living and thriving on my counter for over two years at the writing of this post and I use it for almost all of our baked goods.

sourdough apple bread

You’ll find the full recipe, including a print version, on Homestead Scratch Cooking. Hop on over to grab the Sourdough Apple Bread recipe.

sourdough apple bread


I hope you enjoy your sourdough apple bread. If you are new to sourdough baking and want more information on getting started, check this post from when I first started.