So You Want To Be A Homesteader… Part 1 in a Series




You’ve thought about it for awhile. It’s an awesome idea. Quitting the daily grind of a job working for someone else and learning to live off of the land. Enjoying a life consisting of cooking from scratch, raising your own food, making do and reusing what you have along with picture perfect livestock in the yard. Adventure awaits at the start of each new day.

But wait! Where do you start ? How does someone go from a life of convenience food and modern amenities to a do it yourself lifestyle? While I am certain I don’t have the answers to everything that a new homesteader can encounter,  I do have some thoughts to share from this side of the fence.

Have you sought out advice from others who have chosen to homestead? Having a neighbor or friend or relative that you feel is being successful is a great place to start. But, what if you come from a long line of urban dwellers?

Lucky for you, there is much information available in the form of hard copy books, blogs, internet publications and magazines and You Tube videos on almost every topic you can think of. My experience is that homesteaders are more than happy to help share what has worked for them.

My advice is to begin building an in home library shelf of books on homesteading life. Reach out to people you see as successful in this area either in person or on line and ask questions. Don’t worry about asking a dumb question. Those are just the questions that don’t get asked! Go to your local feed and garden store and see wthey had have to offer. Many offer classes, demonstrations and seminars for little or no money.

In the next few weeks, I will be writing more on this topic and getting into more detail on each specific step in the process. Feel free to tell me in the comments below, anything specific you would like me to cover in this series.