Simplify Christmas This Year

Handmade and Homemade Gifts to Simplify Christmas

December first is tomorrow. We move forward into one of the busiest times of the year for most people. The extra stress on the budget, time and our soul can take it’s toll on us. How do we simplify Christmas, when it is the most beloved of Christian celebrations? Maybe this is the year to put it all on hold and do only the things that are really meaningful to you and your family, as you celebrate Christmas.

simplify christmas

There surely is no scripture reference to justify wearing ourselves out, shopping, cooking and cleaning, not to mention attending every social or entertainment opportunity that presents itself. Those are just my thoughts for you, as we head into the Christmas season. It may not all change at once. I know for me, I have been making small steps to simplify Christmas celebration the last few years.


 simplify Christmas
One thing I have tried to move toward is making more homemade gifts. If that is something that appeals to you, I will be highlighting more ideas in the coming days and I invite you to stop by the website frequently to read about some wonderful ways to simplify Christmas. I hope you will find this series uplifting and encouraging. I know the feeling I battle most often, when trying to simplify Christmas by buying less and looking for meaningful, thoughtful gift, is that I am not doing enough. Is the cost of the gift a concern of yours, too? I prefer to just buy one gift for a loved one, wrap it beautifully, and deliver it in person. I know that isn’t a possibility all the time. Where did we start to think that we need a wish list from someone in order to buy them a gift? Don’t we know the people we are buying gifts for well enough that we don’t need a list from them? We raised four lovely children so I understand that when they get older, it is hard to always know a size or brand that appeals to them. It was hard to keep up with the technology too! I like the idea that has been circulating about gifts. It goes something like, one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing they wear and one thing to read. Now as we are starting to buy gifts for grandchildren, I hope I will remember this and not just go into a buying frenzy in some sort of grandmotherly lapse of judgement!

 Anyway, back to the homemade and handmade gifts. When you give and make something with love for a gift, do you second guess yourself? These beautiful gifts, from our hearts, should be treasures. I am doing more and more of this type of gift giving. Last year my friends loved receiving our homemade vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. It was fun to create the labels that represented our farm and crafts. Some did not know that it was possible to make extracts at home.   Another great idea for the do it yourself type person would be a kit like this one from Learning and Yearning. Give a Make Your Own Extract Kit.

simplify christmas

Other years I have crocheted numerous pairs of hand warmers for family and friends. After all, people purchased my gloves from my Etsy shop to give to others so they must be an acceptable gift. Right? Maybe that is just my insecurity  But, what if the norm was to make something from the heart for your loved ones, instead of buying what the commercials tell us to purchase?

simplify christmas

This year, I still haven’t focused on what I want to make for gifts. The next few weeks will reveal it, as I look through patterns, Do it Yourself instructions and craft websites. Come along with me on the journey! Share ideas in the comments of the posts. Even links to other sites are fine. Lets start a new trend! Gifts we can afford, that are unique and made with love.

Here are a few thoughts to jump start you into thinking about Handmade and Homemade gift giving, this season.


Make fresh artisan breads and sew up these simple linen bread bags shown in the post from Attainable Sustainable

Make Linen Bread Bags in 15 Minutes


A yummy sugar scrub like this one from My Healthy Green Family

Chai Spice Sugar Scrub


There are many things you can quickly sew together using fat quarters. Here are a few ideas from one of my blog posts.

Using Fat Quarters to Make Gifts


Do you have a friend or family member that just moved? or is redecorating a room? Make one of these fabulous light switch covers or buy a hand made one from Ann over at A Farm Girl in the Making.

DIY Customized Light Switch Covers

Ornaments are always an appreciated gift. Here’s a link to super cute scrabble ornaments from Fresh Eggs Daily!

Wooden Scrabble Tile Ornaments


A spa gift set would be a welcomed homemade gift like this one from Schneiderpeeps.

DIY Spa Gift Basket


15 + Homemade Bath and Body Gifts from Grow a Good Life