On The Farm Wool Intensive and Classes

Natural Dyes for Wool Hands On Workshop

Join me in the Wool Shop for a day of natural dye creation. Forage the farm and forest or bring your own flowers, and plants. Learn the best way to create a long lasting dye for wool based on the material you choose.

The stoves will be simmering and we will create colorful wool and roving!

You will receive:

  • Four (4) 50 gram skeins and Four (4) 20 gram skeins of wool yarn. You are welcome to bring your own handspun wool, alpaca, angora etc. as long as it is ready to dye. (ask me if you need clarification of ready to dye)
  • One copy of Natural Dyes on Wool Workbook
  • Use of the pots, stoves, water for rinsing, and my undivided attention! I will provide dye materials such as seasonally available plants, or purchased natural dye flowers, powders or extracts. An indigo vat will be created during class.

Wear clothes that you don’t mind having stains, and sneakers or other closed shoes, for your protection.

Friday June 17 9 am to 4 pm

Lunch will be provided or please bring your own if you prefer.

Class is limited to six people

Rain or shine

Cost – $110.00 per person


A Day of Wool Learning

This intro to the wooly life is a one day adventure. No prior experience required, just bring a good attitude and a willingness to enjoy hands on learning on the farm!

The journey from the fleece on the sheep to yarn or roving in your hand is multifaceted. On our small farm the entire process can easily take an entire year AFTER shearing day.

Here are some of the activities included in the Day of Wool Learning

  • Examining a raw fleece.
  • Sheep handling demonstrations
  • Skirting of a raw fleece
  • Washing raw fleece
  • Carding or combing
  • Two simple natural dyes
  • Spinning wheels available.

Since the class is one day in length, there are no guarantees that we will reach a certain point. The objective is to expose you to the various steps involved in bringing raw wool to a useable product. Fleeces can be sold as raw fleece, washed and carded fleece and various finished products from locks to yarn. Learn the different options and try them during this hands on day long class. You will be permitted to take home what you work on that day.

  • 8 ounces of processed fleece from the day’s work
  • One copy of Keeping Sheep and Other Fiber Animals signed by me
  • One copy of Natural Dyes on Wool workbook
  • Access to equipment for the processing

Wear work clothes and closed toe shoes please. We will be working with very hot water and walking in areas not fit for sandal style shoes.

A light breakfast, coffee, water and lunch will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer or have special dietary needs.

9 am to 5 pm

$95 per person. No children under 12

Class limited to 8 participants.

Two sessions available – please select on the form.

June 26, 2022

September 18, 2022


Weekend of Wool

Join me on the farm for a two day weekend of wool processing. The new fiber arts center will be open along with plenty of outdoor space to spread out, (weather dependent). The weekend event will be held rain or shine. Over two days you will take your 2 plus pounds of raw fleece, learn to skirt the good from the not so good, scour, and use natural dyes to add color to your fleece. Carding and combing equipment will be available for your use. You will go home with two pounds of dyed fleece ready for spinning, felting, or other crafting.

Wool weekend

Day 1

  • Choose your fleece – we have Perendale, Romney, Finn and Rambouillet available.
  • Skirt the fleece – learn what it means to properly skirt fleece for spinning
  • Scour the skirted fleece. This is the washing portion of preparing a fleece.

Day 2

  • Prepare your fleece for dyeing – the mordant phase
  • Create natural dye pots from local flora, or concentrated natural dye extracts.
  • Card and comb your dyed wool to prepare if for spinning

What you Receive-

Two day Weekend of Wool – cost per person $180.00 Adults over 18 years only please

2 + pounds of raw wool to work with and keep!

1 copy of Natural Dyes on Wool with Timber Creek Farm workbook containing over 15 recipes.

1 copy of Keeping Sheep and other Fiber Animals, by Janet Garman

Use of all needed equipment and materials.

Two days of hands on, small group instruction and learning. Enjoy the beauty of wool processing while overlooking our farm and flocks. Unplug and return to a simpler time.

Family Style meals including lunch and dinner on Saturday and Lunch on Sunday. Continental Breakfast and coffee available both mornings.

Local Lodging recommendations are available on request.

6 students Maximum for each session

Two sessions available – please select on the form

June 21 and 22 (Tuesday and Wednesday, not a weekend)

August 6 and 7 (Saturday and Sunday)

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farm wool experience

The Wool Intensive – 10 weekends of Hands on Learning

Join the Farm Wool Intensive for 2022! Be ready to shepherd your own flock!

farm wool experience

The Background to the Farm Wool Intensive

You want to raise a small flock of sheep! I hear you. It was a dream of mine once, too. How does one go from zero experience with sheep to shepherding a small (or large!) flock of wooly beasts?

If you weren’t raised on a ranch or family farm, you need a mentor. And while the internet is full of information, books are helpful, and social media accounts holders love to share their opinion and practices, it still leaves a sizeable gap between knowledge and real life experience.

This year I am opening my farm to YOU! I can invite two small groups of future shepherds! Your on-farm, hands-on learning will give you the experience and confidence you are looking for, before buying lambs or fiber animals.

You will learn the techniques we use for handling our sheep, how we move the flock, treat health issues, evaluate wool growth, and take the wool all the way to a useable end product.

There are limited slots available for this valuable, on farm learning. Please read the entire description of what the program includes, before signing up.

What is Included in the Farm Wool Intensive?

In less photogenic terms, I will guide you through lessons from grass to yarn. You will learn to handle sheep, how they perceive us, what makes them comfortable and what causes shear frustration! From that point we will work on:

  • Basic animal management skills
  • Hoof care, parasite management
  • Health care for an ailing or injured sheep.
  • Evaluating fleece
  • Skirting the fleece
  • Scouring
  • Carding
  • Picking
  • Spinning
  • Natural and Acid dye techniques
  • Deciding what works for your fiber needs, and what could be improved on for the following year.
  • One copy of Keeping Sheep and Other Fiber Animals – hardcover, 2018 Skyhorse Publishing
  • One copy of Natural Dyes on Wool with Timber Creek Farm – workbook 2021 Sawdust Publishing
  • You will have the opportunity to choose a fleece to work with, which will be yours to keep.
  • Skirting, scouring, carding, picking, combing and spinning wheels will be available on site for your use.
farm wool intensive

The Two Day Sessions

We will break the year-long farm wool intensive, into four seasonal two-day sessions, with one additional two-day session for each group. Only two groups of three students can be accommodated for these on farm experiences. The days will be full day, 9 am to 5 pm.

The daily activities will include livestock management, and wool creativity! You will have plenty of time for working with the fleece you have chosen. As we get some of the wool skirted and scoured, opportunities for dyeing and spinning will become part of the two days.

Lodging and Meals

Currently no on-site lodging is available for the farm wool intensive students. Although, I would love to offer off grid cabins in the future for enrolled students. A list of nearby accommodations can be provided within a fifteen minute drive to the farm. I suggest starting your search with nearby Air B and B possibilities. (Search Crownsville, Maryland or Annapolis Maryland.

Family style lunch and dinner will be provided each day. Bathroom facility available on site for hand washing and “necessary” use.

A colorful row of naturally dyed yarn on a metal fence rail.

The Cost

The cost in dollars and cents is $1800.00 per student.

  • 10 days of on-farm wool intensive
  • One fleece ($170 value!)
  • Two books ($35 retail)
  • Two meals each day
  • Use of all materials and equipment on site
  • Invaluable hands on experience

Please remember that this does not include lodging. Invoices will be sent to the students accepted for the 2022 sessions. In order to hold your space, payment will need to be made within 7 days of invoice.

Is this for You?

If you are interested in this method of learning, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s call this lifestyle learning – faith, farm and yarn

Click on the link below to apply for one of the 6 slots available for 2022. The farm wool intensive will change how you look at your future with sheep or without. You may decide that sheep ownership is not for you or you find yourself jumping all in and raising your own flock. Either way, the farm wool experience will give you the tools you need to make that decision.

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