Natural Dyes on Wool – Dye Workbook

Natural Dyes on Wool with Timber Creek Farm

A Journaling Workbook

Natural Dyes on Wool with Timber Creek Farm is a beautiful journaling dye workbook designed to accompany you on this artistic journey and be an essential part of your toolkit. And as with all hard working tools, eventually it will be stained with a rainbow of colors from your color mixing experiments and difficult to close with all of the snippets of yarn sticking out from the pages. Are you ready to experiment with natural dyes?

dye workbook

Check out the dye workbook pages!

In these workbook pages, I will inspire and encourage you to take risks, experiment, and journey down the path of natural dyes. The relationship of natural plant colors with wool is limitless. Once you have a basic understanding of how the materials react to each other, you can direct your own journey.

dye workbook template page

What’s inside:

  • 15 tried-and-true natural dye procedures and recipes for kitchen, foraged, and garden dyes.
  • Outline of basic dye procedures.
  • A materials and tools checklist.
  • 15 workbook pages to record your details and results.
  • A list of valuable resources to use as you build your dye storage and knowledge.
  • Space to write notes in the margins, and photos of foraged plants.
  • Link to webpage to download additional blank recipe pages.

… and so much more!!

dye workbook process photo showing range of shades using a natural dye

Note from the Author

Hi I’m Janet, the creative shepherd and wool dyer. When we first began raising fiber flock of sheep and goats, my dream was to create yarn from our flock shearing each year. After being introduced to natural dyes about ten years back, I added color goals to my dreams.

But not just any colors. Our flock is raised as naturally as possible, hence the name of our yarn – Free Range Yarn! The colors had to match our determination to live naturally. Between taking workshops, and taking risks, I have come up with my own methods for creating and using natural dyes on wool. I love to take the scientific requirements and add the artistic elements.

I hope you will decide this is just what you have been searching for too. My workbook takes you through the initial basic steps, strengthens your talents and encourages you to go ahead with your own journey. Let’s get started!

Experimenting is how we reach the next level of knowledge with many of the arts and sciences. Natural dyeing combines many facets of a traditional experiment. You will learn about natural chemistry (don’t let the word scare you off!) and different techniques, combining styles, and creating.

I hope you color outside the lines and record it all here! Make a mess in this book.

If you are looking to spend more time honing your own natural dye techniques, please look for my Timber Creek Farm School e-courses which will be available in the Spring of 2021.

dye workbook