More Coop Building Tips

Chicken coop, made of wood with nesting boxes built in.? Made to house 4 to 5 hens.

?Whether you build it yourself,? buy a commercial chicken coop or use and existing structure, the main concerns are safety from anything that would make the chickens sick and PREDATORS.? I don’t know of any place that is free from predators and all predators will love a good chicken dinner.? That cute raccoon that lives in your tree, will now be a predator.? The fox and neighborhood dogs will spread the word that there’s a new game in town.? Opossums, skunks, feral cats, and hawks are all a lethal danger to your flock.? Despite our best efforts we have had loss due to all of these predators at one time or another.? While many people choose to let their chickens free range on their property, we chose to keep our chickens inside a fenced in area during the day and locking them in a coop at night.? We use two types of latches on the door because raccoons can open latches.? The windows are covered with wire mesh.? The coop is built up off the ground to prevent any animals from digging into the coop that way.? We also put down a thin coating of cement on the coop floor when we built it to make it more secure.? It also keeps the floor from rotting from any wetness in the coop.? These are just some things we have used to keep our chickens safe. All that being said, I must also tell you that we have had our share of loss.? Racoons can be very pesky.? It also seems that anytime our dog is not around for a day or so, the foxes spread the word and feel free to come in for a snack. I can’t emphasize enough what a help a good farm dog can be in keeping wildlife away. ?
?Please feel free to add any tips that have worked for you in the comment section.?