How to Make Crocheted Handwarmers with Ribbed Cuffs

Easy to Make Crocheted Handwarmers with Ribbed Cuffs

crocheted handwarmers

It’s that time of year. The time we start thinking about making some of our gifts for family and friends. One of my favorite gifts to make is crocheted handwarmers. Almost everyone will love receiving these warm, cozy crocheted handwarmers and they really are quick and easy to make. Somewhere along the line, I learned how to make a crocheted ribbing so it looks like a knitted cuff. Follow along below for a pictorial lesson in making these crocheted handwarmers.

What do you need to make crocheted handwarmers?

Skill Level-  some crocheting knowledge is helpful

Materials Needed

  • yarn- worsted weight, approximate yardage needed: 150 yards
  • Crochet hook – size  H or I  5 or 5.5
  • Gauge – 5 stitches per inch. 

Directions for making crocheted handwarmers with ribbed cuffs

Stitches used – single crochet and BLSC = back loop single crochet

 To begin, chain 11. You will be using a single crochet for this pattern. Row 1-  Turn and single crochet in the second ch. and all the way across to make 10 stitches. Rows 2 – 24  Chain one. Turn. BLSC  (back loop single crochet) in second stitch and across. (10 stitches)  You can adjust this pattern to make it smaller or larger by shortening or lengthening at this point by adding or subtracting rows.

Now you should have a strip that looks like this. Crocheted ribs. Gives a nice stretch for a cuff.


Now lets turn it into a cuff for the crocheted handwarmers.

crocheted handwarmers

Adding the hand portion to the cuff portion of the crocheted handwarmers

  Fold the cuff piece in half. Crochet the edges together as shown below. Flip the cuff inside out to hide the seem on the inside of the glove. Do NOT fasten off. 

crocheted handwarmers
crocheted handwarmers

 Beginning with the loop that you have, begin picking up stitches around the top of the cuff to make 24 stitches around the top of the cuff.* Continue crocheting a single crochet around to begin forming the hand portion of the crocheted hand warmers.

*Note: If you shortened or lengthened in the previous step, you will need to adjust the number of stitches picked up accordingly.

Single crochet for 10 rounds.

crocheted handwarmers

On the 11th row of single crochet, after making 6 stitches, chain 5. Reconnect to the body of the hand warmer on the 6th stitch, with a single crochet and continue crocheting around. This will make the opening for the thumb. Refer to the photographs below.

crocheted handwarmers

 Refer to these pictures showing how to leave the opening for the thumb hole.

Continue crocheting 8 to 10 more rows depending on how far you want the hand warmers to cover the fingers. 

Finish by fastening off and weaving in the end. You’re done! 

crocheted handwarmers

Embellish your crocheted handwarmers if desired, with buttons, ribbons, bows, lace or what makes you smile.

I had enough yarn left over to make a matching head band/ear warmer, using the same technique and stitch pattern that I used on the cuffs for the crocheted handwarmers. I like the way this set turned out.


Please let me know what you think of this pattern. Your comments are very much appreciated.

Thank you Kristi Stone for reviewing my pattern for clarity and correctness.

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