Flock Health Check and Whynnie’s Diary

Recently, a few of you asked about Whynnie and her diary entries. I am glad you enjoyed those so far. I poked around the coop a little this weekend. Whynnie had an unexpected flock health check. She tells all in the latest entry in Whynnie’s  Dear Diary.

The Entry Where Whynnie endures a Flock Health Check

Dear Diary

It was hard to find a time to scratch a message in here lately. Last week a giant storm came through and we had to spend an interminable amount of time in the coop. When the door finally opened again, we saw an amazing sight. The ground was entirely covered with white cold crystals. I have seen this stuff before, being three years old, but the new girls and King were shocked beyond belief. First, the human was really late getting to us. I didn’t even think to ask her what was up with that. By the time she came and opened the door, we just wanted some fresh food. There had been food left the night before and I guess we should have taken that as a hint that something was up. Water too. Usually we only have one bowl but the night before she left three bowls of water. The new girls were getting anxious to get the day started but they had to go ahead and lay eggs before the new food was served. We do all hate any change in our system. 

flock health check

Anyway, human came, left food, fresh water, AND CLOSED THE DOOR! She apologized but said until the storm was over, we had to stay inside. Well that was unexpected. I went back to sleep.

It has been a few days since then and life is beginning to return to normal. Patches of dirt are starting to appear through the white stuff. We prefer to scratch the dirt. It’s what we look forward to every morning. The thrill of the hunt and all that. There were some tense days while we were cooped up. Ms. Featherfoot isn’t feeling up to par and she keeps blocking the feed bowl. King is a bit too shall we say, energetic in the dating field and it was hard to get away from him. Little Roo is loud. Doesn’t he have any concept of using his inside voice?

But then the biggest deal happened to me today. Me! I never draw attention to myself. I keep quiet, do my work, cackle a little, and eat the food without complaint. But today that changed. Apparently, there was a little something dangling from my fluffy butt. I think it would have fallen off by itself but the human saw it. And then she decided she just had to investigate. SHE PICKED ME UP! I socked her in the face with my wing. I mean really. She walked me to the feed  room. And then she plucked the offensive clump off my fluffy butt. It wasn’t really attached to anything but it’s kind of personal. I could have done without the further exam to make sure I didn’t have a “problem”. Geesh

flock health check

While she was holding me, I hear her tell me, that she might as well do a flock health check. This was just too irritating. I exclaimed and flapped again. But human is pretty good with the chicken hold. And then she opened my mouth, declared it perfect ( I knew that!) and checked my eyes, crop, under my wings, and my legs. Then it happened. She found something wrong with the bottom of my foot. Something called a bumble foot was growing on the bottom of my foot. Maybe that is why my foot hurt. She seemed to know what to do for it and grabbed a bunch of potions and lotions and went to work. A few minutes later, I am sporting this clunky boot on my foot. I’m not too happy with the black tape but she said it keeps the water out of the sore. Black is really not my color. Oh ok it is my color but not. I like tropical colors. They set off my black and white lace. The green is pretty cool though. I strutted my pretty shoe back up to the flock. They gathered around to take a look. I am the only one wearing one of these boots so that is some good street cred.

flock health check

flock health check

The coop was cleaned up, fresh straw delivered and finally the human left us to continue our day. If you have to endure a flock health check I guess it’s really not the end of the world. My foot does feel better being wrapped up with the goey stuff on it. 

I am getting sleepy and the rest of the flock is sound asleep with their heads tucked down. I will write more soon. I heard a rumor that the meal worm supply is running low. More drama.


For more information on Bumblefoot infections and my method of treatment check here. Bumblefoot in Chickens