Encouragement for Living Your Dream

Do you need encouragement for living your dream? I think we all need this. I have been thinking about what my dreams are and how to bring them to life. The new year always brings these type of thought out, doesn’t it? But, how do we keep the dream alive, amid setbacks, roadblocks and discouragement?


Those who wish to sing always find a song – Swedish Proverb


Encouragement for Living Your Dream

This year I am going to attempt to be more intentional in my life. I need to be more regimented after having a very different type of year in 2014. No need to go into the details, as I prefer to move forward, but let me just say 2014 was a totally different year for me, filled with many types of discouragement and loss. So, I made up my mind that 2015 will be different. I am planning, and preparing for success. My definition of success will be the benchmark, not an outside definition. I will base my success on how my accomplishments make me feel, and how they positively impact others in my life and in the world. The challenge for me will be not drifting off into time wasting habits. I must learn to be more intentional with my time.


Encouragement for Living the Dream

How about you? Is your dream to begin to be more self sufficient in your life? How are you going to achieve getting on the right path? Its not a destination, you know, it’s a journey. Every step you take, every skill you learn takes you further down that path to being self sufficient. Do you want to start a garden, but have no yard? Have you tried container gardening? Have you wanted to add some animals to your homestead but can’t figure out which species to start with? Do you wish you had more fresh food from summer months to eat during the winter? Why not learn a skill like canning, jam making, bread baking, or sewing this winter. Winter is a great time to research different ways to achieve a dream.

Planning is very important in chasing down a dream. Its more than making lists of what has to be done. Planning involves making lists of what you want to happen, your dreams, and then taking intentional steps to make it come to life.

This year, don’t focus on your roadblocks and discouragements. Focus instead on those dreams. Instead of making endless to do lists, try making a plan and add the steps necessary to see the dream become a reality.

Until Next time; Sweet Dreams!


(look for more on this theme as the year progresses.)


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