Creating a Patriotic Chicken Flock

patriotic chicken flockDo you like a patriotic chicken flock. You may just like the color scheme of red, white and blue. I like to do holiday photos of my chickens for the blog. In the summer I like to have a patriotic flock. I decorate the coop with American flags, and plant red, white and blue flowering plants. Now this doesn’t mean that I get rid of the red white and blue chickens or the flowers after the photo op is over! It just gives me some special girls to choose for photos, when Memorial Day arrives, followed closely by the 4th of July.

What Breeds are Red, White and Blue 

Here’s a listing of breeds that could fill this need for you. Maybe you buy for a certain look, or prefer a variety. Most of these breeds are widely available whether you want a patriotic flock  or  one more naturally camouflaged. If this is something that appeals to you, too, order your chicks in early Spring, so they have some feather growth before the summer holidays come around. Just keep in mind that chickens are a long term responsibility. Plan on taking good care of your patriotic chicken flock for seven to ten years.

 If you want your chickens to be fully feathered before the summer red, white and blue holidays, early Spring is the time to begin raising a patriotic chicken flock.

Choosing Breeds for a Patriotic Chicken Flock

patriotic chicken flock

Red Chicken Breeds

Rhode Island Red

New Hampshire

Production Red

Red Sex Link

Cinnamon Queen (a variety of production red )

patriotic chicken flock

White Chicken Breeds


Light Brahma

White Rock

White Leghorn

California White

White Ameraucanas


And Your Blue Chicken Breeds

Delaware Blue

Iowa Blue (nearing extinct status)

Blue Laced Andulasians

Lavender Orpingtons (they are really a greyish not really purple)

Blue Copper Marans

Blue Polish 

Blue Cochins

patriotic chicken flock mail order chicks

Don’t forget to throw in a few golden chickens for the stars.

Buff Orpingtons

Buff Brahmas

Golden Comets

Gold Stars

Now that you have your patriotic chicken flock set up, you can add plants and flags to the run and have the best patriotic coop in town.

Good Holiday Safety Reminders

Remember, fireworks can startle your pets and livestock. Have your furry and feathered critters locked up secure before dark so they don’t fly away or run off during fireworks. 

Summer means hot weather for many of us. Keep the water cool by frequently changing it out and refilling. A shallow pan of water for the chickens to stand in will help them cool down too.

What Picnic Foods are Ok for the Flock?

Some traditional picnic food is good for your flock, too. Watermelon is a big favorite. Save the corn cobs for the chickens too. Leftover green salad is a good treat too, and some tomatoes are fine as long as no tomato leaves or plants are tossed in too. Other typical summer salads such as mayonnaise based macaroni salad might upset their digestion. I don’t feed our chickens potatoes, so a potato salad would not be fed to our flock. A vinegar based pasta salad in moderation should  be ok but make sure there is no avocado involved.

A good rule of thumb with kitchen table scraps is moderation. The flock members will love the treat but its not good to overload them with richly prepared people food either.


Note – I would never recommend getting chickens or any animal for frivolous reasons. If you would like to own Red, White or Blue chickens or gray and brown chickens, remember that they will require care for up to ten years. This includes daily care, food, shelter and water. Please care for animals responsibly. I wrote this as a change of pace from my usual posts. I hope you found some entertainment in it and some useful information regarding holiday celebrations and your chicken flock. Thanks for reading!

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