Chicken Wire Memo Board – Do It Yourself

Easy to make Chicken Wire Memo Board 

chicken wire memo boardYou can make this Chicken Wire Memo Board in any size that fits your space. I made my chicken wire memo board in a rather large empty frame that I found in a trash pile. It sure wasn’t very attractive to start with but I really like the end result. If you need a quick handmade gift idea, this can be adapted to any size and theme.

I had this design in my mind for a long time and finally I had an afternoon free and time to put it together. The theme could be adapted to what you like best.

Here are the steps I used to put together my chicken wire memo board

The sized of all the materials will depend on the size of the frame you are using. The technique will be the same.

Step 1     Gather your materials

DSC_0002 DSC_0023

chicken wire memo board



You will need:  a picture frame. with out backing or glass, a piece of foam core board larger than the frame opening,  fabric, chicken wire, wire cutters, staple gun, ruler, hammer, finishing nails and sturdy gloves. I used craft paint to repaint the frame color that I didn’t like.

Since  bright pink wasn’t going to blend well with the fabric and burlap, I painted over it with craft paint. 


Step 2

Cover the foam core board with the fabric and use a staple gun to attach it to the board. 

chicken wire memo board chicken wire memo board

Hint. to get the fabric tight, attach to one side and then pull and slightly stretch the fabric tight and adhere to the other side. 

Step 3

Layer on any embellishments that you like. Lay the open frame over the layers to check for positioning. Attach the embellishments using the staple gun or hot glue. I had a vintage looking burlap feed sack so I put that on over the chicken fabric. I like it because I can use safety pins to attach things to the board or push pins right through all the layers into the foam core. 

chicken wire memo board

Step 4

Cut a piece of chicken wire for the bottom third to half of the foam core board. This will be wrapped around the foam core so,  cut the chicken wire a few inches wider than the board. 


Attach the wire on the back using the staple gun. Carefully flip the whole sandwich of  layers over, to make it right side up.

Step 5

Layer on the open frame and position. Carefully flip it over again. Using the hammer and finishing nails, attach the foam core board to the frame. 

Chicken wire memo board chicken wire memo board


Step 6

Add snap clothes pins, paper clips,  push pins, thumb tacks, or what ever you want to use to hold your pictures and memos in place. I added a small burlap bag to hold store receipts.


I am already planning on making some more of these memo boards. I  would like to make a smaller version of this one too. Thanks for visiting! Let me know what you think. I love comments and try to answer them all.

 chicken wire memo board


chicken wire memo board 1