Bucket List?

The idea of a bucket list may seem a bit overdone but I have been intrigued by the notion for a few years.? When I hear someone mention their bucket list, I often feel that I should have such a list.? A well thought out script of what I hope to do before I get to meet my Savior.? Of course this would probably be the same thing as keeping an organized day planner with weekly goals and tasks, organized by different areas of my life.? Would I need to be an organized person in order to have such a list of? “must do” activities and goals.? I kind of enjoy my eclectic life. ? Is being easily distracted by new ideas and totally ADD counter to having a bucket list?? I mean seriously, sometimes I think my mind works at the level of a puppy’s.? Oh look a squirrel.? Oh you have a cookie!? I want a cookie!? Really.?
Or is? a bucket list maybe a list of things you are looking forward to in life?? I am giving this whole concept some serious thought.? I think I need to come up with a different name than “bucket list” though.? Any suggestions?? I think I will go eat a cookie now.

Here’s a peek at a special project I am working on.? I am making it from a knitted square of wool that I wet felted.?