Best Ever Chicken Advice

Best Ever Chicken Advice

Chicken Advice

I often am asked to recommend some blogs or articles about chicken raising. While selfishly, my first hope is that the reader has already read all of my posts, (insert smile,and humble attitude)  I know it is a good thing to get more than one perspective on the topic. Gathering as much good, reliable information as possible before deciding to bring an animal home is so important. And if you are having a problem with an animal’s health, it is very important to read everything possible, and decide on the best course of action for your farm pet.

I have gathered a list for you of reputable bloggers that I have gotten to know through networking groups. While I may not attack an issue the same way, all the posts I am sharing are valid and examples of responsible writing.and great chicken advice. Bookmark this post, share it with friends, pin it to your chicken keeping board, and visit these other bloggers for chicken advice when you have a question. I can guarantee that all of these fine people would answer your e-mail or blog post comment to the best of their ability.

(disclosure-  all of the bloggers named below, gave me permission to use their links, photo, and quotes where applicable) 

First and foremost on my list has to be my absolute favorite source for chicken info. Lisa Steele writes Fresh Eggs Daily, a blog and website devoted to natural chicken keeping.
FreshEggsDaily PostLink
My favorite post from this site is The Basics of Natural Chicken Keeping but I refer to this site often for advice and inspiration. In this particular post, Lisa writes, “Using herbs and edible flowers, along with some natural supplements, you can keep your flock healthy relatively easily and very inexpensively and thereby avoid vet visits, antibiotics and medications. So let me share my quick guide to a more natural path to healthier chickens and healthier eggs for your family to eat.”



Gardens and Chickens and Worms, oh my! written by Donna Belcher McGlasson minty-popsGardens and Chickens and Worms site

In the post titled, A Minty Garden for Everyone, Donna writes
“In summer, I make mint and fruit popsicles for my flock to help prevent heat stroke. No, it doesn?t change the flavor of the eggs but it does provide wonderful health benefits of being a fresh green and helps those egg yolks to be a beautiful, rich golden-orange.” – See more at: http://www.gardensandchickensandworms.com/#sthash.HRyh4WR6.dpuf



Better Hens and Gardens Image
Better Hens and Gardens by Lesa Wilke. In a recent post Lesa writes about the basics of chicken keeping from the beginning(the egg) or the day old chick. Getting Started With Chickens gives the reader looking for advice on how to begin and what you will need at each stage of development.



Leigh Schilling pic Natural Chicken Keeping has been a leader in the field of chicken blogs for some time. Leigh has put together a very helpful index system to help you find articles you need to read. Check it out here.
Natural Chicken Keeping Article Index



h104 Homestead Jess Lane  Jess has lots of great ideas on her blog about homesteading. One recent post concerns upping the protein in your birds diet to help counteract moult. While it is entitled “Nocturnal Poultry”, she does include and ingenious idea to help your chickens obtain more protein, too. This and other great chicken posts await you.
 Free Protein for Nocturnal Poultry



Mindie is the Born Again Farmgirl from the blog The (mis)Adventures of a Born Again Farm Girl. One of her recent posts Mindie picon her site is titled The Making of an Egg     “Every day we go out and feed the hens and in return they give us those glorious eggs. But how much do you know about how an egg is made? Do you know why calcium is so important to your hens? ”

I know you will enjoy all the posts on Mindie’s site but if you are in need of chicken information you can click on the link to just the posts about her critters and find many articles on chicken keeping.


Imagine Acres will help you sort through many an urban chicken raising issue. Meredith is an artist tooSONY DSC. One of her recent posts if titled 10 Things About Raising Chickens You Won’t Read in Books. One thing I can guarantee, you will love the blog posts and the beautiful pictures on her website.





Ever Growing Farm, Melissa Willis. Melissa writes about a large range of backyard hMelissa Willis pic from EverGrowing Farmomesteading topics and her chicken posts are very well done. One in particular that I would point you to Questions to Ask Before Jumping In.





Heather Harris from Homesteading Hippy wrote about lice in chickens Homesteading Hippy pic How to Treat Lice in Chickens was written after helping a friend of hers combat a lice infestation.






egg incubation terms Murano ChickenMurano Chicken Farm should be a definite stop on your trip through chicken blogs. The latest post was a comprehensive list of terms used when discussing incubation and hatching your own chicks. Hatching Terms and Definitions Decoded









New to the chicken scene is Idlewildalaska. You may want to bookmark Amanda’s site to enjoy her tales of being a new chicken owner. So far, Amanda has added a coop tour. Stop by and see the beautiful, well thought out, coop design her family put together. Touring the Chicken Coop. Idlewildalaska pic






If you choose to bookmark or pin this post, you may find periodic additions to the list. I will continue to look for reputable, active chicken keeping bloggers to refer to you. 

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed finding out about some great chicken keeping writers.